Essential Manga: The Annotated Bibliography!! (pdf version)

Wow! It has been a busy year! Since I am off from work over the summer, I didn’t write any blog posts and then as soon as I got back in September it was crunch time. On top of the new special events our library hosted for the first time this semester, and some new showcases we put together around campus, my deliverables for this grant were due yesterday and they took a LOT more time than I thought they would!!!

Even though I was off for the summer, I still attended Otakon in Baltimore in August as part of my research for developing our manga collection at the library, which is after all my end goal. I saw so much and learned so many things but I have not had a minute to get them down on paper!

However, that will have to wait just a little bit longer though because tonight I want to share with you one of the documents that I put together for the American Library Association as partial fulfillment of the Carnegie-Whitney Grant.

Here is the pdf version of our Essential Manga: The Annotated Bibliography!

Also if you are going to make use this information anywhere else please be so kind as to properly cite it as: aseip [Amy Seipke]. “Essential Manga: The Annotated  Bibliography!! (pdf version)”. Essential Manga: The Making of an Annotated Bibliography. Detroit, MI: College for Creative Studies, 1 Dec. 2014. Blog. (date you looked at this information).    Thanks!

Final Manga Bibliography 2014.11.30

If you can’t view it in this pdf format for whatever reason just go here where I have it all typed out on screen.


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