So Now What?!

So now that this bibliography is finally done, what do I do next? So glad you asked!

I am currently working on writing short summaries for another bibliography on graphic novels that I also did as part of the grant that got me started on this project. I will post those here as well when I get them finished to my satisfaction. It has just a sampling of the many different genres which are covered by graphic novels in general (mostly ones written in the U.S. and some from Canada).

In addition to that, I am working on filling out our manga collection here at the College for Creative Studies library. We have a fairly extensive collection for a library our size but currently it focuses mostly on the shonen audience and I am working on increasing our holdings in the other areas as well especially in the female audience groups and the nonfiction subject areas. I think the nonfiction manga will be well received here because many of our students are not native English speakers making visual information easier for them to digest and being an art school most of our students have a visual learning style meaning they are not served as well by thick tomes as they will be by the visual nature of graphic literature.

Towards that end I have gone through the bibliography that I shared here in December and found the books which we have already in our collection and marked them with an asterisk on the version of the manga bibliography  which is posted on our library webpage.

I am now going through it again and ordering as many of the manga titles as I can readily find (at less than outrageous prices) I just placed a second order for 40 new manga volumes! We’d love to have you follow us on Facebook Facebook or TwitterTwitter if you’d like to keep up to date on all the new arrivals as they come in!

Once all of our new volumes arrive I will have my hands full for a while cataloging them and entering them into our circulation system. This takes even longer than it would with ordinary books because I am finding many of these titles are not held at other libraries so I have to make the detailed records myself from scratch. (Most libraries are part of a cataloging cooperative, called OCLC, where a librarian at one library will make a very though and detailed record about all of the particulars of a book and the other libraries can just copy the record when they get that book in too so that we aren’t all doing the same work over and over!!! The detailed records are what allows your friendly librarian to find books for you when all you give us is some mundane detail, “um the cover was blue and it was about a dog. I read it when I was in elementary school.” And because we share these records you can search one place for a particular book and see all the libraries in the whole world who have it )

Lastly, in relation to this project anyway, I am working up proposals to present the information I learned at library conferences. I just turned in a proposal to do a poster session at the American Library Association’s big huge national conference in San Francisco this summer. While I wait to hear back from them, I have started working on creating the presentation, in the hopes that even if they won’t have me somebody will! In putting my presentation together I realized that I am very bad a Photoshop so I have also started taking online technology classes through which CCS has a subscription to (but you can still take some of their classes for free even without a subscription. And you should cause they are good!)