Strategic Library Article

While at ALA San Francisco #alaac15, I was approached by the publisher of Strategic Library and asked if I would be interested in writing an article for her journal! The journal is available in electronic version only and is aimed at directors and other decision makers in all types of libraries. They publish articles to help people in positions of power within libraries keep on top of current trends in the field so that they can make strategic plans which will keep their libraries relevant. She thought that having a robust manga collection was one of those things libraries need to know about to stay relevant!!! How exciting!!

Needless to say I was very excited to be asked to publish my first professional academic journal article!!!!!

They were very easy to work with and did a nice job with using my images and creating an attractive layout design of my pages. After just a few back and forth emails I had a final edit ready for publication. I was all set to go in the August 2015 edition but they decided that my article was better suited to the September edition… was fine with me because I figured it would be even more widely read!!!

So here it is… my much awaited first journal article! (pages 5-8)

SLcover image  Strategic Library

As always if you find anything here of academic use to you, please properly attribute and cite it:

Seipke, A. (2015, September 15) Manga Comes to the Library. Strategic Library, 20, 5-8. Web.


Thanks All!


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