MLA Poster Presentation

The deadline for MLA poster session applications was earlier than the response date for ALA, since only 40some% of the applications to ALA are accepted I figured I should apply to MLA too…you know, just in case! LOL

I got accepted to both!! Hooray! I was however afraid that MLA wouldn’t want me if I told them I was presenting at ALA earlier in the year, but they did! They said no big deal because most people who could make it all the way to San Francisco in June wouldn’t also be coming to Novi in October.

The poster size was half as large for MLA though so it meant that I had to make a new one! Luckily, I was able to reuse some of my images from the first one but I had to create some new images to consolidate the info from several images into one.

The registration for this conference was quite expensive though I since I had already used my professional development budget for the year in going to San Francisco I couldn’t afford to actually attend the sessions at MLA 😦

I did meet and talk to many interesting librarians from around the state and was even approached by a publisher who publishes reviews of independently published books. (Wow how many times can I use “publish” in one sentence?!) He asked if I would be interested in reviewing some manga for their magazine! Yippee! More writing opportunities in my future!!